1. About Us

By The Way is an educational resource and website designed to provide advice, information and support to young people identifying as transgender, or those who are questioning their gender identity.

Ariel Trust, working in partnership with Dan Stone of LIV.FAST Network, have produced the website, with funding and support from Liverpool City Council, Liverpool CCG and BBC Children in Need. Other partners include Merseyside Trans* Alliance and Liverpool CAMHS Partnership.

The information contained within the website may also be useful to friends and family members of young people questioning their gender identity, as well as professionals working with young people.

A series of exercises aim to provide users with an introduction to and understanding of gender identity. The exercises have been produced by a group of young transgender people, from Merseyside. The young people involved in the project have shared their experiences in order to educate others, providing advice, information and support.

The information contained within the website is not exhaustive and reflects the experiences of the project’s participants. Links to external organisations are provided throughout the website if further information, advice and support is required.

Our Sponsors

Ariel Trust